Today, we are one of the leading Manufacturers & Wholesale Suppliers of Coimbatore handmade gold chains. Murugan Jewellery provides the world-class quality gold chains with alluring design at reasonable cost. Murugan Jewellery is a Pioneer in handmade Gold jewellery business with own Jewellery factory. Our Handmade Fancy gold chains speaks the Uniqueness of our wonderful skill and makes us sustain as the best manufacturers of gold in Coimbatore!!!
We make gorgeous Fusion chains especially for ladies and thus we are one amongst the Coimbatore Fusion gold chain manufacturers!!!
We are Specialized for gold mugappu chain models in Coimbatore!!!
As a manufacturer, In addition to our own handmade gold chain designs, we do customized gold chains to bring out the customers dream designs. If you are looking for your own Customized designs, send us a sample and we can make it for you.

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